COVID -19 Back to School Plans

I am working to keep the Facebook page and website up-to-date with the latest information.


Below are links regarding the current back to school options:

Updated FAQ 7/27/20 with elementary and middle school hybrid options:

Re-entry and mitigation plan:

New High School Designs and Concepts

I wanted to post a little bit about last night's school board meeting, where they discussed virtual community meetings for the issue of the three high schools. It is possible that in addition to in-person meetings, there will be a chance for citizens to attend via Zoom.

During the meeting, two things came to mind. First, there are currently 8 concepts available to choose from. Originally, this was 5 concepts and included pricing. The extra three concepts were added at the request of the board. I am posting both the 5 concepts with price and 8 concept design in for you to review. Please excuse my bad handwriting on these; I cannot draw with a mouse!

Second, they are wanting to narrow this list to 4 concepts by the end of September and have the board select the best concept by the end of the year.

I toured all three high schools when they held the open houses, and I can tell you that they are not in great shape, due to the age of the buildings and the lack of renovation (nothing against the maintenance individuals).

I will notify you when I find out more information regarding when these meetings will take place. I believe this is important because another voter referendum will be required (due to the price tag involved) in order to proceed with fixing our high schools.


Options 1 through 5 Cost Comparison Sep
VCSC High School Options re State of Sch