What I Stand For...

  • All children receive the best education regardless of their neighborhood, challenges, or past experiences.
  • Focus on education first, including career pathways and skills for future success after graduation.
  • Give every person in the community an opportunity to be heard and receive answers they can rely on.

   Education must come first!  While extracurricular activities are important, if our children are struggling with basic reading, writing, and math skills, they will have difficulties in later grades. I have learned by working and studying at Indiana State University that students are lacking critical thinking and communication skills that are vital to success after high school graduation. 

Student Well-Being

   Bullying is still a problem in our schools, with the bullied child having to prove there is a problem.  Parents are transferring their children from one school to another because bullying is not successfully stopped, and it affects the student's behavior and attitude about school, as well as their grades.  We currently have an anti-bullying program in our corporation that simply does not work. 

A Voice for the Citizens

    School board meetings are where citizens can go and learn about the business of the corporation and make comments, yet they are not very well attended and few comments are made.  Our community feels that their voice doesn't count and that decisions are "done deals."

    Every parent, teacher, and taxpayer deserves respect and a chance to voice their opinions and concerns, no matter how big or small.  I will be the board member to listen to the concerns of all citizens of Vigo County and bring their issues to light.

An Open Forum for Questions

    If you have any questions for me about my qualifications or issues that you would like me to look into, please contact me through email or via social media.  I am more than happy to answer any questions!

Corporation Business

    Parents, teachers, and taxpayers should feel confident that the corporation has a business process that can be explained in

easy-to-understand terms so that we are clear on what we want to accomplish. 

    With a successful operational referendum in 2019, the Vigo County School Corporation looks forward to the next steps in their strategic plan, including consolidation of two or more elementary schools and investing money in our aging high school buildings. We as a community need to be sure of what approaches will best serve our students.